Ladies Auxiliary

Ladies Auxiliary 2015-2016

LAX Monthly Meetings

All meetings are held at the MLAC clubhouse in the Boardroom unless otherwise specified.

Our next meeting will be in February 20th,2016 at 10am

Please note that all dates are tentative and are subject to change.

Mission/Goal Statement

To offer support and recognition to the players of the Maple Leaf Athletic Club.

To encourage a sense of fellowship amongst all of the women who support the players of the Maple Leaf Athletic Club.

Recognition Programs

Player of the Month

Every month, each team’s coaching staff submits the name of the player of the month they feel has demonstrated the attitude “Never Give Up”. This player continuously shows the team spirit and leadership both during games and practices. This player may not be the leader of the scoreboard, but is the player that gives 110% every time he/she steps on the ice wearing the MLAC jersey. This player can only receive this award once during the hockey season to ensure recognition of as many players as possible throughout the season.

To acknowledge these selected players the Ladies Auxiliary ensures each recipient will receive a $50 Gift card, an embroidered MLAC T-shirt, card of recognition, as well their names will appear in their respective programs for the month and be recognized on the MLAC website.

Heart and Soul Award

The Ladies Auxiliary implemented the Heart and Soul Award during the 2010-2011 hockey season in place of the Citizenship award. Each player is asked to select an individual player from their team that puts forth his/her heart and soul on and off the ice. This award is for the players from the players. This individual will be voted on by their peers on a secret ballot that will provide a brief explanation of why they were selected. All ballots must be submitted by February 25 in a sealed envelope to the team moms. The recipients of this award will receive a gift certificate and framed certificate of recognition.

Injured/Sick Players

There is probably nothing worse than being injured or sick and having to sit on the sidelines watching your team play. Unfortunately this is sometimes part of the game. The LAX implemented this program to ensure such players are very much part of the team and the organization. Injured/sick players missing 3 consecutive games will receive an embroidered MLAC T-shirt and an encouraging card.

MLAC Annual Banquet Awards

The Ladies Auxiliary recognizes all of the graduating midget players. Graduating Midget players are those players who have played all of their bantam and midget years with the MLAC organization receive a watch engraved with their name. Each Graduating Player will receive recognition at the annual Banquet.  Players who have played less than 5 years receive a glass plaque etched with the player's name, years played and the MLAC

At each year-end banquet the Ladies Auxiliary also provides 2 certificates for the MLAC rings. One certificate is drawn amongst the Bantam players and one certificate is drawn among the Midget players. All players registered with MLAC have their names submitted for the draw.

Ladies Auxiliary Executive

The Ladies Auxiliary Executive list can be found HERE


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